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I ordered a dress from Amor Moda 3 weeks before a black tie event, spending nearly $250 with shipping costs. At the time I placed the order, we knew the timeframe would be tight to get the dress in time, but according to the company, they would be able to accomplish it.

The shipping deadline came and went with no information from the company. My husband contacted them to find out this is their "busy season" and that the dress was still being made. The dress shipped out from Hong Kong the day after I should have had it in my hands in Utah. In spite of my husband asking the company to rush the shipment, they sent it the slowest method possible, which means I don't have the dress in time for the event for which it was specifically ordered.

Had they made an effort to send it as fast as possible, I would have had the dress 2 days before the event.

Instead I'm left finding another solution, and this dress will sit in my closet until some unknown day in the future when I might go on a cruise. Not happy.

Monetary Loss: $250.

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Denmark, Maine, United States #733913

Can i ask you something? How is the dress?

Is it as you ordered or is something wring with it? :)



Can I ask you whether you were happy of the quality, the tissue etc? Was the dress exactly as you ordered it and saw on the website?

Many thanks in advance for your reply!

Kind regards,


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